One Year of Max

The first year of my baby boy's life in pictures, milestones and fun facts.

Let's begin

Max In Numbers

One of the most wonderful days of my life is the day I met Max, a cute bundle that changed the way we lived our lives forever. Here is a quick summary of Max's height, weight and other important numbers that we never want to forget:

Sept. 5 2016

Birth Date

9:11 am

Time of Birth


Birth Height


Birth Weight


Apgar Score

A Quick Birth Story


On the 4th of September, 2016 at midnight I was sitting in bed. It was a Sunday evening and I was having trouble sleeping. I felt agitated. Max was becoming pretty active. He was moving around like he was trying to completely flip over. A few minutes later I felt a weird sensation. It felt like I had peed myself. All I could think of was to grab my hubby and say something like "dude"...Now I don't know much about amniotic fluid but I knew enough to know that I had to rush to the tub. Once there I figured out quickly that it wasn't the standard color (a shade of green). I called my doctor in the middle of the night and she told me to get dressed and rush

to the hospital. Easier said than done. My dear hubby who had been driving for many years got his driver's license suspended for the very first time at that exact moment and Max decided to come at 38w (2 weeks before due date). It took us a while to figure out what to do. He called for an ambulance but none were available. Meanwhile, I kept trying to get dressed and kept wetting my clothes. Having your water break is not at all like in the movies. We eventually called an Uber. I got out of the apartment building with a garbage bag under my butt. Luckily the Uber driver was not only emphathetic but also prepared.

I wasn't the first pregnant lady he'd taken to the hospital that week. He blasted through town and we were there fast. Which was great because the contractions were starting to really really hurt. I spent the next hours hoping that I'd have the natural birth I planned. Unfortunately the whole night had passed and things weren't progressing. So around 9 in the morning my doctor decided a c-section was the best option. The only thing I remember about the operating room was that it was extremely cold and that my contractions hurt horribly. The feeling of someone trying to put a needle in your spine wasn't the best either.

In less than a minute my legs were numb. I lay down and focused on the weird sensations that followed. There was no pain or discomfort, but I could clearly feel the doctor tugging. What happened next was probably the best feeling of my life. One of the doctors pointed to the right and I looked at the most beautiful little human in the world. Mine. My little human, who had lived in my belly for the past 9 months.

He was screaming his head off. The doctors cleaned him for a minute or two, then brought him over and stuck his cheek to mine. I remember that I couldn't stop crying. His dad, who was waiting for us in the hallway, told me later that he saw Max pass by, and when the nurse told him it was his he just couldn't stop laughing at the idea. Moments later we were in our private room together with our tiny little Max, enjoying the mirracle we had created together.

The First Weeks

It Gets Better Once you Get the Hang of It. The first few days were confusing but after that it was smooth sailing.

What We Learned:

  • To change a diaper
  • To give him a bath
  • That our son isn't a cry baby, he's an askbaby
  • Breastfeeding is a lot harder than it looks
  • Newborn poop doesn't really stink
  • But spitup is absolutely horrible
  • Boys pee up (learned it the hard way)
  • Cats are very afraid of babies - or at least ours

Months One to Three

The First Month

At one month Max still had his newborn reflexes and he slept with his feet rather curled up for the first weeks, just like in the womb. He sorta stared at us and we suspected that he knew we were mom and dad. Unfortunately his smile was mostly due to farting, but better than nothing!

Towards the end of the first month he started to stretch out a bit and sleep more relaxed, especially after moving him to our bed. He only spend a week in his crib. After moving him he started waking up only two times a night, for a quick snack, then fell right back to sleep. Easy baby!

And while everybody says that "sleep like a baby" is not very accurate, rather, you want to "sleep like my husband", Max did sleep a lot in fact, probably up to 16 hours a day. He challenged and oftentimes beat our cats in this regard.

Second Month

It was probably around this mark when Max's fart smiled turned into "hey mom and dad" happy smiles. This is one moment that makes any parent happy.

This, if I recall correctly, was the time when "agooo" started to make an appearance which made you melt with pleasure as a parent. Your kid was starting to communicate with you.

Other milestones included:

  • Burping on his own
  • Supporting upper body during tummy time
  • Recognizing us at a distance
  • Eating his hands constantly
  • Smiling at people
  • Saying Agooooo!
  • Rolling over from tummy to back

Third Month

The time when you could leave Max on the bed unsupervised was officially over. By three months he'd already fallen out of bed once, accidentally. He'd also had his first cold, which he took from me, after I caught it from a nice old lady who sneezed in my face in the family doctor's waiting room. By three months I also started suspecting that this kid wants to walk as fast as possible. He wanted to push up on his legs and stand every chance he got.

Three Months Milestones:

  • Holding and interacting with toys
  • Pushing down on legs on firm surface(obsesively!)
  • Responding to affection
  • Totally mastering head control
  • Tracking side to side
  • Being ultra cute while sitting on daddy

Months Four to Six

Month Four

At four months Max was already a little human, starting to display a personality, smiling more often yet also complaining more often when things didn't go his way. This was the month of making the lip, gesture that unfortunately dissapeared in 1-2 months despite it's utter cuteness.

At 4 months Max was:

  • Showing us afection
  • Stringing vowel sounds together. Aaaaaaaa!
  • Babbling more and more
  • Rolling both directions
  • Sitting without support briefly
  • Supporting his own weight on legs
  • Putting absolutely everything in his mouth
  • Interested in the mirror

Month Five

During the fith month life with Max was already quite different. He started recognizing faces, socializing with both of us as well as other people and, generally speaking, he'd become a very friendly baby. This was perhaps the only brief time in his life when he seemed fond of toys instead of household items (well, mostly eating them).

Five Months' Stuff:

  • Recognizing people vs strangers
  • Likes to play with people
  • Responds by making sounds
  • Starts to respond when called
  • Rocks back and forth
  • Passes objects from one hand to the other
  • Got his first taste of food (pear)
  • Looked gorgeous dressed as a bear

Month Six

The sixth month was a very exciting one. Max could sit up by himself reliably and be left alone for a long time without tipping over. He'd still cry his butt of every time he fell though. He also started pushing up on his knees, in preparation for the leapfrog crawl that got to follow at 6 1/2 months.

Although he started solids, no teeth were in sight.

During month six:

  • He started fancying the tv remote
  • Babbled all the time
  • Put absolutely everything in his mouth
  • Could sit steadily
  • Loved to play during the day
  • Could be left on the floor for longer periods

Months Seven to Nine

Seven Months

The seventh month was the month of mobility. It was nice and warm outside and we could go for many walks including with the stroller. He started crawling as well as pulling up on objects. But what is most important is that this is the month when his very first teeth cut through! Exciting times.

Seventh Month Milestones:

  • Can play peek-a-boo
  • Starts leapfrog crawling
  • Is scared of strangers
  • Becomes clingy with us (especially me)
  • Can pull up to stand
  • Can stand while holding on to a surface
  • Sprouts first two teeth (middle bottom)

Eight Months

In month eight I get to learn what a clingy baby really means, as Max continually wants to be stuck to me and is clearly afraid of strangers.

As Max becomes more aware of everything around him, he now starts searching for the objects we hide from him.

At Eight Months Max could:

  • Look where you point
  • Get into sitting position
  • Be as clingy as velcro
  • Understand the word no (listening is another matter...)
  • Reach for items we hid
  • Eat pretty much anything

Nine Months

By month nine Max has succsfully switched from leapfrog crawling (at which he'd gotten very fast) to plain old baby crawling. He also starts to cruise along furniture and can go all around the house by himself.

He can understand basic requests such as "Max give me the ball".

By Nine Months Max Could:

  • Crawl the old fashioned way
  • Respond when called by name
  • Bang, shake and throw things
  • Make sounds with change in tone
  • Cruise along furniture
  • Respond to simple requests

Months Ten to Twelve

Month Ten

Two major breakthroughs happen by month ten. The first is that Max learns to let go of objects and go back to crawling which means he can now be nearly completely independent. The second is that he starts to let go of objects completely and takes his very first steps.

Tenth Month Milestones:

  • Tries to imitate words
  • Understands how to use simple objects correctly
  • Can use an object to make sounds
  • Easily finds hidden objects
  • Imitates gestures
  • Can let go of an object without help
  • Takes his first steps

Eleventh Months

Congratulations, we've got a walker! Our days of peace and quiet are officially over. By 11 months Max could pretty much walk unattended in the park although we made sure to always stay one step away so he doesn't hurt himself too badly.

He started shaking his head when we told him no. But guess what.... He still didn't listen.

By Eleven Months Max could:

  • Climb into bed by himself
  • Shake head "no" and clap
  • Point at things
  • Stand Up
  • Walk, including alone in the park
  • Identify the right objects when named

Month Twelve

Max is now a little man and has officially become a toddler. His face has changed damatically during this year. He now looks and acts like a little boy. Favorite activities at one? Climbing, throwing objects and causing havoc.

At One Max could:

  • Say a few words that he used frequently (bau, titty, bana)
  • Say a few words that we only hear occasionally or only after we say them first (dada, mama, bapa, kitty, Aki, papuc, paputi).
  • Climb on tables
  • Use his 6 teeth to eat just about anything alone