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Savvy business owners are moving their communications to the Cloud. Experience our Cloud: Enterprise level features, unrivaled local support and a program custom designed to fit your business at prices that fit your bottom line.

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Top Reasons to Choose the Cloud

And Take Your Business Communications To The Next Level

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  • Save from 50% to 90% off the cost of installing a traditional Business Telephone System
  • No long distance charges on any of our plans for calls anywhere within Continental U.S
  • Very low cost per-minute calling plans and Nationwide Unlimited calling plans for businesses of all sizes
  • Eliminate long term contracts with current equipment and service providers
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  • Telephone, On line and On site Technical support is included in all plans at no additional charge
  • All System Administration is included in all plans at no additional charge. You no longer need an expert on your staff who knows how to program the system. We handle all those tasks for you
  • Our Never Obsolete Policy ensures that you always have the latest system software and enhancements as soon as they are developed
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  • Unlimited "roll over" lines for each number
  • Company wide and individual Voice Mail, Voicemail to email service
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me
  • Custom programmed Automated Attendant with company directory
  • Standard and paperless faxing
  • SoftPhone, Mobile Apps and Remote Workers supported
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How It Works

Thanks to advances in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and low cost line trunking, it's now possible for you to enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system without the expense of installing and maintaining the PBX on your own premises. We provide all the technology of the most advanced systems for you over the "Cloud".

Our Hosted service is inexpensive to install, updated for you as the technology changes, includes all tech support and system administration and can drastically lower your monthly phone bill.

If your current telephone system is in need of serious repair, your telephone bill is too high, you are starting a new business and need a new telephone system installed or would like to invest in the latest technology, we invite you to investigate the benefits and savings of a well designed Hosted Business Telephone System from Concord Communications Group, Inc.

System Features from A to Z


Does your company have more than one entity operating from one suite of offices? With advanced call routing features, multiple options can be employed so your callers get where they're going fast.


Custom designed to either assist or stand in place of a receptionist. The automated attendant can handle after hours calls while a live representative greets callers during business hours.


Keep your business operating even if the phone system is lost. When the server registers that your phones are offline, your calls are automatically routed to auxiliary phone numbers.


Call forwarding can be turned on by any user from his/her phone. Forward your calls to your mobile so you don't miss an important call when you are out of the office.


Put a caller on hold while you prepare to complete the conversation. When ready, take the caller off hold from your own extension.


"Park" a caller using the park command. The caller conveniently hears music on hold or your commercial softly playing in the background. You can retrieve the call from any other extension.


Any system extension can transfer a live call to another extension or to an outside phone number. It's easy to manage the transfer from beginning to end.


Use a call queue to share all call answering responsibilities with more than one user. The caller listens to music on hold or your commercial while waiting for the first available representative.


Don't miss any important details. Call recording can be enabled for every call, or on demand. Recordings are saved to a .wav file on your computer.


Every system displays caller ID.


Through software and a hands free headset, your computer can be used as a phone extension with all of the same features of a conventional desk extension.


The conference bridge allows up to 50 members to participate in 1 productive phone meeting. Dial into the conference bridge from any phone in the world to join or initiate a new conference.


If a caller is unsure of an extension number, he/she can simply access the directory. The caller will be prompted for the first letters of the user's name, then directed to the proper extension.


Any system extension has the ability to answer any other ringing extension.


The phone system can easily integrate with your electronic locks, providing command and control through your desk phone to the lock and doorbell intercom.


We can integrate your existing fax machine or provide an electronic faxing solution. Some clients choose to leave their fax line as is and use the phone number as the failover pathway.


The general voice mail box can be accessed by any user. It serves as a convenient place for a non user to leave specific after hour messages.


Corded and wireless headsets are available for all of our phone numbers.


Any system extension can be reached internally by simply dialing the extension


Every user is equipped with his/her own personal voice mail box with user defined unavailable and busy messages. Voice mail is accessible from both in and out of your office.


Turn your mobile into a phone extension. Place calls from your cell phone using the caller ID of your business while keeping your personal contact information private.


Every phone system comes with default classical music on hold. Music on hold can be customized to play a selected music choice or a message advertising your services.


There is never a busy signal on the system. Our phone lines have the ability to create limitless call channels as needed to accommodate even the highest volume of calls.


Do you have a persistent solicitor taking time away from your busy day? Using custom call rules, our system can scan their caller ID and disconnect the call before it even reaches you.


Perfect for large work spaces, schools and warehouses, paging systems are easily integrated with the phone system.


The ultimate warranty: We include rapid phone replacement with every unlimited calling phone extension.


At a glance you can see if a phone user is idle, ringing or on in the middle of a call.


Every phone extension is equipped with a unique speed dial directory. Program up to 500 entries for fast dialing.


Through software and an optional hands free headset, your tablet can be used as a phone extension with all the same features of a conventional desk extension.


Every phone extension is able to accommodate three way calling.


Tired of calling in for your messages during off hours? We can email a copy of every message left for you with a .wav file attachment.


Transfer a caller directly into a voice mail box without ringing the destination extension.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Virtual Vision Technologies

"It is my pleasure to write a letter of commendation to the Concord Communications Group for the fine service work, hardware and software, for the phone system at VVT.

I write especially to commend the Group on serving a staff composed of 80% disabled employees who use Access Technologies for computer access to perform their digital computer work for national US corporations and federal agencies."

VVT is a disability accommodation and accessibility management partner that means that the daily work of the Company is to prepare successful applicants for new positions in the competitive digital workplace, or to assist a newly disabled employee to recover skills to retain an existing position.

The work is demanding and time critical. It is essential that we have at our daily disposal an accessible phone system that gives us all of the service options for a staff that travels nationally and still must function at multiple project locations

The Concord Communications Group took special effort to insure that the phone system was tactile, accessible and versatile for the demands of the special staff and the requirements of our corporate project demands. In addition, service time lines were promptly met and any issues for our new users were immediately and effectively addressed.

I strongly recommend the Group simply based on our excellent experience and would be happy to talk to any potential new customer considering your products and services for their own phone systems and communication needs."

Edwin E. Staudt III, Ph.D.

Crowley Wealth Management

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Concord Communications. The team with Concord Communications came to the rescue of Crowley Wealth Management during a difficult situation this summer!

We were in the market for a new phone system and met John during that process. Prior to finishing the search process, our existing phone system malfunctioned on a Friday morning and was not repairable.

Since our business is dependent on the phone system, it was imperative that we get a system up and running as quickly as possible. Since Concord Communications was one of two we had narrowed our search to, I called John that Friday morning and miraculously he was able to get us up and running with a phone system that same day even though he was leaving on vacation the next day!

We were extremely grateful that he was willing to drop everything to help us out of a difficult situation. Once John returned from vacation, he worked with us to fine tune the system to meet our companies' specific needs. We are very pleased with the new VoIP system. It has helped our office function more efficiently and it has even saved us money! I would highly recommend Concord Communication."

Valerie Candeloro
Office Manager

Visual Marketing Resources Inc.

"We here at Visual Marketing Resources Inc. have been a customer of Concord Communications Group for years for our phone system. This organization has the best customer service support I've ever experienced with a company!

With just one call, they immediately logged into our system and assisted with a voice mail reconfiguration issue and remained in contact throughout. I've been a customer service director in the past and the service we received was perfect!Thank you guys! I'd highly recommend this company and their products to everyone!"

Tony Mlodzianowski
Customer Relationship Manager
Visual Marketing Resources Inc.

ABC Capital Investments, LLC

"As an Office Manager of a growing Real Estate Investment Firm, I had to make the decision to take our phone system to the next level. My company started out small with 5 employees and 3 partners, so we previously had 1 land line with a call waiting feature.

When we grew to having 15+ employees under management, I knew that the 1 land line was not going to cut it. Having no clue where to start, I googled a few companies in the local area and received about a handful of call backs and responses. Concord stood out above the rest because they made it a priority to meet with our business as quickly as possible to accommodate our needs in a time when we were running out of time.

Concord has gone above and beyond to make sure our business needs are met and they offer alot of reasonably priced add on options that help compliment any small or large business, such as the answering service and emergency call forwarding features.

We are also able to have our voice mails transcribed to our emails, a feature we were previously paying over $200.00 a month for! Concord is a family business with high values and personalized customer service. I recommend this company to any small or large business looking to upgrade their phone systems to a professional business standard."

Jillian Coleene Pham
Office Administration & Management
ABC Capital Investments, LLC
1218 N Marshall Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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