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A quick tour of the Hubgets web
interface and product features

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Left Panel

On the left panel, Hubgets displays the section you have selected from the navigation bar.


Team Board

This is the panel that your team can use to share news, information relevant for the whole company or simply for fun.

Much like a social network’s wall, this section provides support for links, images and videos with preview (where available), sharing of any type of files, formatted text, a wide selection of emoji, and an integration with Giphy, the best way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the Internet.


The People section is a convenient contact manager tool for your business. Use it to manage your company’s contacts. You can manually add contacts or automatically import them. You can keep contacts private for your own use or share them with the whole team.


Direct Messages

View all past one-to-one chats with individual team members and search through them based on simple keywords or more complex criteria such as date of message, specific team member, or assigned tags.


Topics is like team group chats on steroids As the name suggests, the Hubgets Topics feature helps you organize discussions either by topic or by interest with the entire team or with selected people.

Topics can be private and available only to invited members, or open for the entire team.


Call History

Your detailed call history including recent outgoing and incoming calls, missed calls, rejected calls, voicemails, and more.

In this panel you can see which calls were recorded and listen to the recordings straight from the interface.


In the Notifications window, you can see the notifications you received regarding new team members, contact shares, Page invites, missed calls, and likes.



In the Settings window, you can edit your profile, manage your communication devices, consult the apps catalog, add your apps and bots, access Hubgets customer service, and find out more about the team that builds Hubgets.

Here you can also select your status:

  • [Green dot] Available – You are available to any incoming communication request and Hubgets will inform you about everything
  • [Red dot] Busy – You are on Do Not Disturb (DND) mode and Hubgets won’t disturb you.
  • [Orange dot] Let Hubgets manage my interruptions – The recommended setting. Based on its Artificial Intelligence layer, Hubgets decides whether to interrupt you or not.

In the settings window you can also log out from your Hubgets account.


The Sidebar includes an expand/contract button for the left main section. It also provides relevant filtering options and useful information that change based on the section you are in.

Right Panel

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Hubgets Phone

See the status of your web phone and access the dial pad to make calls. You can also view your dialed numbers or recently received calls.

Contacts Shortcut

Quickly access your contact list with one click.

Shortcuts Bar

Add a topic, send a mass message or invite a person to your Page. Here you can also search for any thread and see the updates notifications.

Threads Bar

This is where you can see all team members and topics you are following, as well as continue any conversation, initiate a call or share your screen with just one click.

Chat Window

Your main chat window with all the options that make it a great experience:

  • Emojis
  • [GIF] GIFs database
  • [norisor] File sharing

Hints Button

Here you can find shortcuts and formatting hints. Find out how to bold text, share a click2call phone number, and much more.